Directors Desk

Warm Welcome to the most promising International School in Sakaka Al-Jouf

We are well on our way with our special responsibility and joythat of cultivating 'a mind at a time' (your child's mind). And as we all know 'each mind is special'. Some minds are wired to create symphonies and sonnets, while others are fitted out to build bridges, highways and computers; design airplanes and road systems; drive formula number one; or seek cures for cancer and hypertension. The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual respect for many different kinds of minds.

Al-Jouf International School, Sakaka Al-Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shall accomplish multiple goals along these lines. This International English Medium School is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education. Though our School will strive to make the academic progress a hallmark but above all, it remains committed to give to the world the citizens of tomorrow with their traditional values intact and their aspirations enhanced.

Step into a new world.....I want all my students when they enter the school gate they remind these in their mind that

"AS I ENTER THESE DOORS I AM PREPARED TO LEARN Respect Others, Share, Obey the Rules, Cooperate, Be Truthful, Keep Promises, Show Kindness, and Play Fair."


"We remain focused on excellence in all we do academically, in extra-curricular activities, in professional development... and in behavior, where student are encouraged to strive for excellence and 'anchor' themselves in being excellent persons in every way."

A World that will enlighten encourages, uplift and inspire your dreams. Your dreams to self-actualise.

At Al-Jouf International School, we embark on a voyage together, which culminates when your children grow up to the flux of ideas, to the relativity of their own paradigms and those of the world around them and grow as strong, enlightened and awakened individuals; global leaders in their respective areas with new ideas and traditional values and with the ability to contribute to the world in general and the nation in particular.

Let's begin a journey in different directions that will see your dreams come true.

Aims: To achieve the above objectives, the school will be actively pursuing the following aims:
  • To provide an educational environment to foster "the pursuit of excellence" such that every student is given the opportunity to reach maximum scholastic and personal potential.
  • To ensure an ambience for innovative, creative and contemporary pedagogy. It will be the endeavor of the school to make learning constructive and collaborative using the latest technology available in Media and Information Technology.
  • Knowledge gained will be used for developing skills that will enhance a student's vocational learning. Learning will be open-ended and teachers will be facilitators rather than purveyors of knowledge.
  • To provide a caring environment in which individual attention is given to the general. well being, academic and personal development of each student.
  • To develop through the examples of the school community values of compassion, tolerance, self-discipline, fair play, respect for all religions and faiths, justice and equality, dignity of labour and thirst for knowledge.
  • To develop and understanding of our natural environment in its many manifestations and a commitment to its preservation and development.
  • The school's curriculum will be designed to develop leadership, spirit of adventure and enquiry, self-reliance and self-esteem. It will focus on skills of "hand and eye", appreciation of art, literature and other pursuits to enrich the mind.
  • To prepare students for IGCSE and Grade XII ("A" Levels)
  • To enhance the total development of character through all aspects of school life.

As We Are Already Accredited By "AIAA" A Reputed American Accreditation Organisation; This endeavor would enable them to earn credits required for International college admissions and transfers as well as an edge over other students for Top-ranking colleges and Institutions. All qualifications offered will be approved and accredited by the Association of Universities, the Regulatory Body for Higher Education in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Bangladesh and other countries Insha'Allaah, therefore if a student wishes to continue studying in their own countries it won't be difficult for them. We have 7:45 AM - 1:40 PM day School with Friday And Saturday as Holidays, in addition to a host of activities and academic pursuits. In the field of sport, we will be focused on intensive training from experts in the field in cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, chess, and karate including fine art on a regular basis. These form a part of the daily curriculum and children opt for their choice of activity. "All round development and application of skills with a focus on "learning" in the child is what we Research and innovate every day". The teaching methodology is pupil-friendly with 1:20 students. The courses are broad based and provide a Global outreach to every child and is highly academic and result oriented. The idea is to equip our students to face the competitive world tomorrow, which is yet unknown.

I also acknowledge with gratitude, the contributions of honourable patron, Ministry of Education (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and honourable members including Head Cultural Affairs and all other eminent personalities who have added value to the Al-Jouf International School.

Parents and the school have a joint responsibility in the upbringing of a child. In order to achieve our common goal of making the child grow up as a responsible, disciplined and healthy individual, co-operation must prevail between the school and the parents. This will go a long way in boosting the morale and confidence of the children and the pleasure we derive in achieving this can never be equalized by anything. And last but not least, I extend kudos to all those practitioners and support team, who are driven by the quest for excellence in their respective areas and each one of whom, is always responsive to the energetic, engaging, demanding and delightful quests of the young, impressionable minds. With Best Regards,

  • AIAA Accreditated
  • British Council Attached Centre
  • University of Cambridge International Examination
  • Kawader Group of International Schools
  • Ministry of Education