Our schools hold different kinds of activities throughout the year which are helpful to the students. The co-curricular activities help them grow on their mind and the extra curricular activities like field gamed help them grow physically and keep them active. They also help the students to develop as well as sports membership spirit and teamwork. The sense of competitions help them to be better than best.

  • Mathematics is Fun
  • National Day
  • Fruit Day & Play Day
  • Recreational Trips
  • Spoorts Events

Morning Assembly is our daily program; we start our day everyday Al-Jouf International School with the following, it comprises :

  • Recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah with its Translation.
  • Qirat of any Qur'├ónic Verse
  • Recitation of Hadith with its Translation
  • Thought of the Day
  • General Quiz
  • News updates
  • Amazing Facts
  • Exercise

Al-Jouf International Schools will distribute certificates of recognition to the winners in School's Morning Assembly. With the help of House Support teachers of all the Four House (RED TIGERS, YELLOW WARRIOR, BLUE CHAMPS, and GREEN RANGERS) participated in the competition; they prepared their House students to choose the best topics to be demonstrated. Captains of the respective house were awarded for their dedication and professionalism in assisting their house to achieve recognized positions in their participation in school's morning assembly.

Our Teams

Red House
Blue House
Green House
Yellow House

  • AIAA Accreditated
  • British Council Attached Centre
  • University of Cambridge International Examination
  • Kawader Group of International Schools
  • Ministry of Education