Chairmans Desk

The academic awareness in any country requires an impetus to move ahead in the direction of complete literacy. And to get home-made educational infrastructure of other country that are own is not always strong enough to stand firmly and the social fabric is having patchworks of many social group and creed. Still the aspirants of the Orient strive to widen their horizons to escalate at the peak of success. Various educational institutions nowadays cobble together the ideologies and form a ragtag and fragile administration which becomes bleak and scary on the sands of time. They offer a plastic smile and elastic promises which soon fade in the mists of time. During past some years the education scenario in the school attached to national and international boards has changed dramatically. Educators have gone too far from chalk and talk methods. The focus is to make teaching-learning a joyful process and therefore many innovative methods are being adopted in classroom environment. Innovation is the buzzword in the academic circle. New education technology and tools are being used to make delivery system interesting, effective and result-oriented. Al-Jouf International School is now planning to go beyond the positive changes taken place today. Skill-based education is the area where Al-Jouf International School is serious enough to take up the challenges to work out a model for the entire education fraternity. Skill-based education will be a new paradigm which will shatter so many myths existing in the academic and educational field. Great things are done when work and worship meet. Al-Jouf International School provides a conducive atmosphere and plethora of opportunities to carve out the career of knowledge-seekers It's a unique educational institute where the symbiosis of eastern culture and western developments provides an academically favorable atmosphere for an overall development.

Chairman AbdAllah Bin Mubarak Bin Sulaiman Al-Qahtani

  • AIAA Accreditated
  • British Council Attached Centre
  • University of Cambridge International Examination
  • Kawader Group of International Schools
  • Ministry of Education